Me, Myself & Corona

Here we are: it’s been several months since that diseased sparrow from Wuhan first spat in someone’s mouth and now the virus has swept across the globe, changing civilisation — at least temporarily — in ways that are ostensibly understandable and tangible, yet utterly bewildering.

I occasionally allow myself to think we might emerge from this as a better species, like billions of Noahs, Shems and Hams (and the wife and third son, whose names I don’t remember) alighting the ark onto an Earth washed clean of sin. Or perhaps a much sweeter fable where almost every living being isn’t killed by a malevolent god.

Anyway, my gut feeling is that we’ll go back to being our horrid, wasteful selves, only with an abstinence-fuelled zeal: we lost a few weeks of fucking the planet up, let’s get back in the saddle and whip this horse until it bellyflops exhausted into the dirt. Double holidays all-round.

I miss many things already, mostly the pub and the gym; the antagonistic arenas that I long-ago strung a tightrope between, knowing that a misstep either way and I’d end up either extraordinarily boring or a fully-fledged drunkard. But I also miss playing the piano as a true amateur (in its original sense) and not for my mental health.